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 List of Publications


1-    Al-Tawaeel AA, Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Abdul Ghani H. Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in a Sample of normal Saudi males at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Journal of Family & Community Medicine, 1999; 6(1):23-27.


2-    Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Mohammed HA, Al-Taweel AA. Factors influencing job satisfaction among Primary Health Care Physicians in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Annals of Saudi Medicine 1999; 19(5): 424-424.


3-    Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Mohammad HA, Al-Taweel AA, Al-Sarhani A. Use of Cotton-Tipped Swab and Cerumin impaction. Indian Journal of Otalogy 1999; 5 (1): 27-31.


4-    Jarallah JS, Al-Rubeaan KA, Al-Nuaim AA, Al-Ruhaily AA, Bin Abdulrahman K.A. Prevalence and determinants of smoking in three regions of Saudi Arabia. Tobacco Control 1999; 8:53-56.    Download 4.pdf


5-    Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Al-Faris EA, Al-Taweel AA. Pattern of Intestinal Parasitic Infection Among Food handlers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Family & Community, November 20, 2001.


6-    Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Mohamed AG, Al-Taweel AA, Abdul Ghani HM. Hypertension among attendants of primary health care centers in Al-Qassim region. Saudi Medical Journal 2001; 22 (11): 960-963.


7-    Bin Abdulrahman K.A., What do patient's want from their General Practitioners? Exploration of patient's Expectations. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Family & Community Medicine, December 29, 2001.    Download 7.pdf


8-     Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Expectations of Saudi Patients for Medications following Consultations in Primary Health Care. Accepted for Publication in the Journal of Family & Consultations in Primary Health Care. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Family & Community Medicine, January 5, 2002.


9-     Al Damegh S., Abdul Ghani H., Khwsky F., Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Al Taweel A., Evaluation of Pre-entrance chest radiography in students and employees of Saudi University, The Journal of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, 12(8): 465-7, August 2002.


10-  Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Pyrne N., Al-Faris E., Al-Taweel A., Al-Rowais N.,  Abdul Gahni H., Magzoub M., Students' Perceptions Towards a Family Medicine Attachment Experience, Education for Health, 16(3): November 2003, 357-365.    Download 10.pdf


11-  Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Diabetes Mellitus and its Oral Complication: A brief  Review, The Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, 26 (1):  June 2006.


12-   Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Al-Dakheel A., Family Medicine Residency Program in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Residents Opinion. The Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, 22 (3): 250-257, July- September 2006.    Download 12.pdf


13-  Alfadda A., Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Assessment of Care of Type 2 Diabetic Patients At the Primary Care Clinics of A Referral Hospital, The Journal of Family and Community Medicine, 13 (1), April 2006.    Download 13.doc


14-  Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Factors Influencing Academic Achievement of Medical Students in the Basic Medical Sciences at Conventional College of Medicine, Letter of Acceptance dated 15, May 2007, to be published in the World Health Organization Regional Office For the Mediterranean.    Download 14.pdf


15-  Bin Abdulrahman K.A., "Student's Views on Student-Teacher Relationship: Questionnaire-Based Study". Letter of Acceptance from the Saudi Society of Family and Community Medicine dated 12 May 2007 to be published in the next issues of the Journal.    Download 15.doc


16-   Bin Abdulrahman K.A., Translation of a Book under the Name: Medical Education in the Millennium.


17-  Bin Abdulrahman K.A., The Current Status of Medical Education in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Annals of Saudi Medicine, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre.      Download 17.pdf



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