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C .V

Name : Abdullah Ibrahim Abdullah Al Naser

Date of Birth : 1 /7 /1388 A.H .

Primary studies :

I Studied primary in Riyadh ,and finished in (1400 A.H) 1980 A.D .

Studied intermediate and secondary in Riyadh scientific institute  and finished in  (1406 A.H. ) 1986 A.D .

University studies :

I Joined the faculty of law  (Shariah ) in Riyadh,

 Where I graduated in (1410 A.H. ) 1990 A.D .

Post Graduate Studies :

I Got the Master degree from ( High Law Institute ) Ummam Mohammed Bin Saud  Islamic University in 1414 A.H (1994A.D. ) ,Which title was  (Drugs and their punishment in Islamic jurisprudence ( Faqh ) and the Saudi system )  ,Then I joined  the High Law Institute , and wrote down a topic for doctorate under the title of "Commercial paper Exchange in Islamic jurisprudence ( Faqh )and the international system .I got  my degree in

(1420 A.H ) 1999 .A.D

Work Experience :

-         I Worked as a teacher in Ummam university .

-         Cooperator with the department of Islamic Culture in the faculty of education in king Sa'ud university in (1415 )1995 .

-         A lecturer  in the department of Islamic culture from (1416 -1420 )  .

-         Assistant teacherfrom1420 to 1426 .

-         Participator teacher from 19/9/1426


Scientific researches :

I did some valued researches as follow :

  (Electronic contracts  -Comparative jurisprudence ( Faqh) Study –

A research by which I took part in the Electronic Banking Work Conference , which was broadcasted by the United Arabian university of Emarates  under the care of the Gulf Co operation council , and was published in the Conference magazine .

Multi intercessors :Its pictures and rules in Islamic jurisprudence ( Faqh ) –

A research published in the faculty of educational science and Islamic studies –Education faculty –King Saud university .

-Succession's concepts in Islamic economy  according to the Holy Koran –Published in London University Magazine .

Scientific Participation :

 I took part in many meetings at the university ,college and the department level . I also presented the department and the college in some scientific activities and general forums such as ,"The International Civil Defense Day "

Teaching :

-  I teach preparation subjects ,especially the economic system in Islam . 

   I also  teach specialization subjects such as jurisprudence (Faqh ) of 

   treatments and systems .

- I also taught some subjects in post graduate studies as, comparative

  jurisprudence (Faqh ) for students ,policy and lawfulness (Shareea )for

  doctorate students .

Administrative  Charging :

Trustee of Islamic culture department in 1424 A.H. , reporter of planning and syllabus committee , general coordinator for preparation subjects ,presenter of the department in the planning and syllabus committee in the college from 1423 to 1426A. H.



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