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1. Forward growth of the mandibule when maxillary growth has ceased , together with soft tissue pressures ,which result in areduction in lower arch perimeter consider an explanation of late lower incisors crowding.

a.  true                             b.  false                  

2.  Transvers discrepancy in class1 skeletal malocclusion will results in crossbites

            a.  true                             b.  false

 3. Applying orthodontic heavy force will result on :       

         a.  pain

         b.  necrosis of cellular elements

         c.  undermining resorption

         d.  all of the above

         e.  none of the above

4. The ligament constantly remodel by fibroblasts throughout life.

         a.  true                                b. false

5.  In class111 crowding occur more frequently in the lower arch than in the upper

          a.  true                               b.  false  

6.         Patients with skeletal 111 malocclusions where the maxilla is retrognathic also have greater incidence of upper air way obstruction.a: 

a.         True          

b.         False 

7.         Abnormal mayofunctional habits include_____________and_____________. 

mouth breathing-thumb sucking-lip sucking-tongue thrust forward and lateral-deviant swalloing. 

8.         If  skeletal class 111 malocclusion in which the mandible is in the front of maxilla diagnosed early it may be treated non surgically with ______or with __________________ 

Forward protraction headgare(reverse face mask) or with afrankel 111 appliance. 

9          The ideal age to first evaluate orthodontic problems is approximately age__________ , however at this age the face has achieved______% of its adult proportion. 

5 years            70% 

10.         Anterior crossbite in the primary dentition may be due to the : 

a.         abnormal inclination of the maxillary and mandibular incisors

b          occlusal interferanc

c          skeletal discrepancies of the maxilla or/and mandibule

d.         all of the above 

11.         The goal of early interceptive treatment in class111 malocclusion may include the following;           

a-                  to prevent progressive irreversible soft tissue or bony changes

b-                 to improve skeletal discrepancies and provide amore favourable

           inviroment for normal growth

c-                  to improve occlusal function

d-                 to inhance an possibly shprten phase 11 comprehansive treatment.

e-                  To provide amore pleasing facial esthetic, thus improving the psycosocial development of the child 

12.      Removable appliance with auxiliary springs requires _________________ for successful treatment   

patient cooperation 

13.         Removal of tonsils and adenoids and palatal expansion will improve airway passages and nasal respiration. 

            a.         True                            

b.         False 

14.         Recent studies in class III surgical treatment reported that there is/are: 

1.                  increase number of mandibular setbacks

2.                  increase number of two-jaw surgery and maxillary advancement

3.                  increase number of maxillary advancement 

15.       Proclination of mandibular incisors and retroclination of maxillary incisors can caused posturing of the mandible in an anterior position due to incisal interference, acondition called _________. 

sudo class111 malocclusion

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