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1) Dopamine receptors

a)  research shows that 5-10 mg of haloperidol is enough to block 80% dopamine receptors.

b)    D 1 receptors are linked to Aden late cyclase

c)    D 3 receptors exist in high concentration in the limbic system

d)    Sulpiride specifically blocks D 1

e)    Are found in retina 


2) Dopamine neurons

a)                                              also secrete Nor adrenaline

b)                                              exist in ruboropinal tract

c)                                              exist in mesolimbic tract

d)                                              exist in tuberoinlundibular tract

e)                                              have a role in stimulating prolactin release


3) Eysenck’s theory

a)                            is an idiographic theory

b)                            extroverts are slower to condition

c)                            extroverts seek external stimulation

d)                            introverts have high cortical arousal

e)                            can be used to predict prognosis in personality disordered


4) Authoritative parenting

a)                                              improve self esteem

b)                                              set home rules

c)                                              excess of emotional warmth is related to the onset of psychosis in children

d)                                              laisser faire parenting associated with drug abuse in children

e)                                              retain veto


5) ECT

a)                                                    increases prolactin

b)                                                    memory loss directly  related to voltage

c)                                                    produces irreversible memory loss

d)                                                    less memory loss if minimal dose of anesthetic is used

e)                                                    should be given on the left side if left handed


6) Screening tests in General Hospital setting

a)                                                    should have cut off points with high sensitivity and specificity

b)                                                    includes CAGE

c)                                                    scores must have a normal distribution

d)                                                    includes MMSE

e)                                                    includes HADS



7) Serotonin mediates

a)                                                    aggressive behavior

b)                                                    sexual behavior

c)                                                    sleep

d)                                                    weight gain

e)                                                    problem solving behavior in animals


8) lithium interferes with the activity of

a)                                              inositol

b)                                              TSH

c)                                              Prolactin

d)                                              CRH

e)                                              FSH


9) The Following can be measured on the scalp

a)                                                    CNV

b)                                                    P 300

c)                                                    Theta waves

d)                                                    Brainstem auditory potential

e)                                                    VEP


10) with regards to neuroleptic treatment

a)                                                    D 3 is most frequently in the limbic system

b)                                                    D 1 activates adenyl cyclase

c)                                                    Thixanthines show stereo isomerism

d)                                                    Clopromaxine and promazine enhances each others effects

e)                                                    5-10 mgs of haloperidol blocks most of the D2 preceptors


11) chronic barbiturate intoxication causes

a)                                                    dysarthria

b)                                                    nystagmus  

c)                                                    increased frontal fast activity on EEG

d)                                                    withdrawal delirium

e)                                                    caused by D2 receptor blockade


12) following are features of neuroleptic malignant syndrome  

a)    increased neutrophils

b)    males affected more than females

c)    untreated mortality is 20%

d)    worse with drug

e)    caused by D2 receptor blockade


13) Dopamine receptors

a)                                                    D1 causes E.P. side effects

b)                                                    D2 is found in mesolimbic area

c)                                                    Suipride affects D1+D2

d)                                                    All neuroliptics influence D2

e)                                                    Post – synaptic adenylate is affected by D1 antagonists


14) the half – life of the following benzodiazepines is more than 24 hours

a)                                                    nitrazepam

b)                                                    lorazepam

c)                                                    oxazepam

d)                                                    flurazepam

e)                                                    diazepam


15) Fluoxetine

a)                                                    is related to suicide

b)                                                    is contra-indicated with MAOIs

c)                                                    is a 5HT reuptake inhibitor

d)                                                    causes tardive dy skinesia

e)                                                    is a  known to cause insomnia



16) the following drugs prevent ejaculation

a)                                                    beta-adrenergic blockers

b)                                                    alpha-adrenergic blockers

c)                                                    diazepam / benzodiazepines

d)                                                    lithium

e)                                                    paroxetine



17) the following statements are true

a)                                                    Ist pass metabolism in bebxodiazepines produce active metabolites

b)                                                    lithium potentiates  the action of  TCADs

c)                                                    tryptopan potentiates  the action of  TCADs

d)                                                    lithium is less effective in elderly compared with middle aged patients I prophylaxis for depression

e)                                                    thioridazine causes retinal pigmentation

18) Side-effects of Chlopromazine

a)                                                    rabbit syndrome

b)                                                    PISA syndrome

c)                                                    Tardive akathesia

d)                                                    Torticollis

e)                                                    Hyperprolactinemia


19) Regarding heroin  

a)                                                    there is 4% mortality in 2 years

b)                                                    it is associated with criminality

c)                                                    there is depression on withdrawal

d)                                                    associated with during pregnancy will not cause withdrawl in infants


20) Visual hallucination are caused by

a)                                                    cannabis

b)                                                    opium

c)                                                    phency clidine

d)                                                    butane

e)                                                    pentazocine


21) lithium reacts dangerously with

a)                                                    phenelzine

b)                                                    clomipramine

c)                                                    haloperidol

d)                                                    carbamazepine

e)                                                    alcohol



22) Regarding LSD

a)                                                    it constricts the pupil

b)                                                    is detectable in urine by radio-immune assay

c)                                                    it is a 5HT antagonist

d)                                                    it is found in magic mushrooms

e)                                                    25 micrograms are required for psychosomatic effect


23) Opiate addicts

a)                                                    80% will serve a prison sentence

b)                                                    pregnant addicts can be prescribed methadone so as to avoid withdrawal symptom in the neonate

c)                                                    4% will be dead in 2 years

d)                                                    depression is a common sequelae of  withdraw patients

e)                                                    depression is a common sequelae after withdrawal


24) Regarding Benzodiazepines

a)                                                    the longer acting preparations are less likely to cause dependence

b)                                                    there is a direct relationship between the quantity of alcohol consumed and mortality figures

c)                                                    prevalence is related to the price of alcohol

d)                                                    drinking protects against coronary heart disease

e)                                                    the CAGE is a reliable screening test in the general population


25) in alcohol dependence

a)                                                      women have a higher incidence of physical complications at lower levels of intake than men

b)                                                      there is a direct relationship between the quantity of alcohol consumed and mortality figures

c)                                                      prevalence is related to the price of alcohol

d)                                                      drinking protects against coronary heart disease

e)                                                      the CAGE is reliable screening test in the general population


26) Alcohol abuse in women

a)                                                    is a problem in less than 10% medical admissions

b)                                                    most women have drunk alcohol by age of 14

c)                                                    women have an increased risk of cirrhosis copared to men

d)                                                    women who have been murdered have often been drinking

e)                                                    there is reduced family history of alcoholism


27) In acute alcohol withdrawl

a)                                                    there is increased autonomic activity

b)                                                    hallucinations occur in 15% of the patients

c)                                                    benzodiazepines are effective in suppressing hallucinations

d)                                                    mild cases can be treated at home

e)                                                    patients should be nursed in a quite dark room on their own


28) confusional state may be caused by

a)                                                    paracetmol

b)                                                    cimetidine

c)                                                    procyclidine

d)                                                    dothiepin

e)                                                    methylcellulose


29) Alcohol dependence  syndrome is associated with

a)                                                    family history of alcoholism

b)                                                    family history of depressive illness

c)                                                    alcohol dehydrogenase deficiency

d)                                                    maternal separation in childhood

e)                                                    histrionic personality disorder


30) Benzodiazepines

a)                                                    commongy lead to dependence within 2 month

b)                                                    are especially indicated when panic attack are associated with GAD

c)                                                    are better than TCAs

d)                                                    short acting compounds cause less dependence

e)                                                    dependence in elderly can easily treated by rapid withdrawl



31) Clozapine has less of the following side-effects

a)                                                    sedation

b)                                                    dry mouth

c)                                                    postural hypotension

d)                                                    weight gain

e)                                                    blurred vision


32) lithium causes

a)                                                    drowsiness

b)                                                    fine tremors

c)                                                    nephrogenic diabetes mellitus

d)                                                    hyperparathyroidism

e)                                                    hypothyroidism


33) Benzodiazepine partial agonists

a)                                                    causes hyperpolarisation  of cells

b)                                                    are antagonized by BNZ antagonists

c)                                                    antagonists GABA 

d)                                                    includes zimovane

e)                                                    are better than benzodiazepines for treating anxiety


34) Alcohol withdrawl is associated with

a)                                                    absence seizures

b)                                                    auditory hallucinations

c)                                                    hypersomnolence

d)                                                    affect-laden dreams

e)                                                    coarse tremors


35) Clozapine acts on the following receptors

a)                                                    5HT2 agonists

b)                                                    mostly on D1 receptors

c)                                                    has selective striatal D2 blockade

d)                                                    mostly on D3 and D4 receptors

e)                                                    is an alpha 2 adrenergic antagonist

36) In drug addiction

a)                                                    nalorphine (naloxone) has longer half-life than maltrexate

b)                                                    methadone is given twice daily

c)                                                    heroin causes more euphoria than morphine

d)                                                    heroin abuse is commoner than cocaine abuse

e)                                                    heminevrin is safe for detoxification at hom


37) the following are precursors of Monoamines

a)                                                    5 OH tryptophan

b)                                                    5 OH tryptamine

c)                                                    dihydroxy phenylalanine

d)                                                    5OH DOPA

e)                                                    L tryphtophan

38) the following are recognized neurotransmitters

a)                                                    nor-adrenaline

b)                                                    glycine

c)                                                    glutamic acid

d)                                                    taurine

e)                                                    cholecystokinin

39) the following drugs cause a decrease in libido in males

a)                                                    carbamazepine

b)                                                    benperidol

c)                                                    trifluoperazine

d)                                                    benzodiazepines

e)                                                    lithium


40) the following are parts of hypothalamus

a)                                                    medical eminence

b)                                                    stria terminals

c)                                                    4th ventricle

d)                                                    ventromedial

e)                                                    red nucleus

41) the following nuclei are neuro secretory

a)                                                    Edinger - Westphal

b)                                                    Supra-optic

c)                                                    Para-ventricular

d)                                                    Amygdala

e)                                                    Caudate nucleus

42) protein found in the CSF above the level of 2 gms/ml is indicative of

a)                                                    Guilian-Barre Syndrome

b)                                                    Alzheimers Disease

c)                                                    Multiple sclerosis

d)                                                    Spinal epidural abcess

e)                                                    Acoustic neuroma


43) the following are precursors of Nor-Adrenaline

a)                                                    tyrosine

b)                                                    serotonin

c)                                                    adrenaline

d)                                                    acetyl choline

e)                                                    dopamine

44) complications of alcohol abuse include

a)                                                    cardiomyopathy

b)                                                    carcinoma of oesophagus

c)                                                    hypertension

d)                                                    parkinson’s disease

e)                                                    reduced serum testosterone


45) Alcohol detoxification at home is contra-indicated

a)                                                    if there is severe craving

b)                                                    never had supervised detoxification previously

c)                                                    if an in-patient bed is available

d)                                                    had DTs previously

e)                                                    had a seizure in last 2 years



46) drug receptors

a)                                                    bezodiazepines are antagonists to GABA receptor complex

b)                                                    D2 blockers are more effective antipsychotics than D1 blockers

c)                                                    Buspirone is a 5HT2 receptor agonist

d)                                                    D3 receptors ar in high densithy in limbic system

e)                                                    5-10 mgs of haloperidol effectively block D2 receptors


47) side-effects of trifluoperazine are

a)                                                    jaundice

b)                                                    dystonic reaction

c)                                                    myoclonic jerks

d)                                                    oculogyric crisis

e)                                                    NMS


48) Methyl Alcohol poisoning causes

a)                                                    blindness

b)                                                    vomiting

c)                                                    acute paranoid reaction

d)                                                    depressive illness

e)                                                    tactile hallucinosis


49) Unwated side-effects of TCADs include

a)                                                    hypotension

b)                                                    diarrhoea

c)                                                    weigh gain

d)                                                    difficulty in micturition

e)                                                    blurred vision


50) the following features help the general practitioner in detecting alcoholism

a)                                                    morning nausea

b)                                                    shaking on waking

c)                                                    smell of alcohol on breath unexplained absence from work

d)                                                    unexplained absence from work

e)                                                    hypnologic hallucination




1-         TTTFT

2-         FFTTF

3-         FTTTF

4-         TTFTT

5-         TTFFF

6-         FTFTT

7-         TTTTF

8-         TTFFF

9-         TTTTT

10-    TTTTT

11-    TTTTT

12-    TTFTF

13-    FTFTT

14-    TFFTT

15-    FTTTT

16-    TFFFT

17-    TTTFT

18-    TTTTT

19-    TTTFF

20-    TFTTT

21-    FTFFF

22-    FFFFF

23-    FTTFT

24-    FTFFF

25-    FTTFF

26-    TTTTF

27-    TTFTF

28-    TTTTF

29-    TFFFF

30-    FTFFF

31-    FTFFF

32-    TTFFT

33-    TTFFF

34-    FTTTT

35-    FFFTT

36-    FFTFF

37-    TFTTT

38-    TTTTT

39-    FTTTF

40-    TFFTF

41-    FTTFF

42-    TFFTT

43-    TFFFT

44-    TTTFT

45-    FFFTT

46-    FTFTT

47-    TTFTT

48-    TTFFT

49-    TFTTT

50-    FFFFF



51-                                                                                       Case Question


A  24 years  old man presented to the clinic with three years history of inability to take in front of others.


Q1 : What is your likely diagnosis ?

A1 : Social Phobia


Q2 : Name two differential diagnoses

A2 :  1- Panic Attack     2- OCD


Q3 : What is favorite drug treatment ?

A3 : Antidepressants (ex: SSRI-Tricyclic – MAOI)


Q4 : Do you consider any other treatment modality ?

A4 : Psychotherapy


Q5 : for how long you will continue drug  Rx

A5 : 6 month   


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