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Courses:   (According to the  Study Plan   )    

Practical  Parts of: 

PPS 321: Production of Fruit Trees

Environmental requirements for growth and fruiting of evergreen and deciduous fruit trees. Establishment of orchards and cultural practices. Important tree species and cultivars that could be grown under the environmental conditions in different regions in the Kingdom. [Course Profile] 

PPS 324: Production of Date Palm and Dates

Date palm economic importance. Growth habit. Flowering, fruiting and propagation. Establishment of orchards and cultural practices. Important cultivars grown in different regions in the Kingdom. Fruit harvest, quality and chemical composition. Preservation, packaging and storage of dates. [Course Profile]

PPS 405: Field Training

This course is intended to prepare students to face practical agricultural life through field training in the Collage Experimental Station and/or in Agricultural companies. The students conduct studies and acquire necessary skills in the field of plant Sciences. Students are required to submit a comprehensive report at the end of the training. [Course Profile]

PPS408: Handling and Storage of Agricultural Crops

Harvesting, handling and storage of agricultural crops. Physiological changes  of fruits during storage. Effect of preparation and treatments on fruit quality. Effect of major environmental factors during fruit ripening on storage ability. Refrigeration methods  [Course Profile



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