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SPED 252 - Introduction to Hearing Impairment
Saturday, 1:00 – 4:00
Instructor: Ali Alzahrani, Ph.D.
Office- 4674583
Department of Special Education

Office hours:. I will be in my office in my office hours Saturday, Monday, Tuesday or after class or on other days by appointment.


This course aims at introducing students specializing in this area to the concepts and nature of the hearing impairment, its classification, causes, and identification and diagnosis methods. Special emphasis is put on the characteristics and needs of the hearing impaired, in addition to appropriate care services offered for them.

Desired Outcomes of Course:

Knowledge of :

·       Medical aspects of hearing loss

·       Definitions of hearing loss

·       Assessment of hearing loss

·       The effects of hearing loss on the child's language

·       Characteristics  and needs of deaf and hard of hearing

·       Technological impact on hearing loss- hearing aids

·       Communication options of students with hearing loss

·       Educational placement of students with hearing loss

·       The role of family in educating and rehabilitating of children with hearing loss

Exam # 1 = 20
Exam # 2 = 20
Attendance and participation = 5
* For participation you must have 10 questions
or comments related to the pervious topic during the semester
Final Exam = 55 

Required texts and reading assignments:

There will be a specific required text for this class. Also, I will provide readings throughout the semester


Syllabus - Date Topic

Week # 1   Introduction of course

Week # 2 History of Deafness in Saudi Arabia

Week # 3 Interdiction of hearing impairment studies

Week # 4 Medical Aspects of Hearing Loss; Etiologies

Week # 5 concepts and definitions of hearing loss/ causes

Week # 6 classification of hearing loss

Week # 7 hearing assessment

Week # 8 Exam 1

Week # 9 the effect of haring loss on child's life

Week # 10 Hearing aids- Technological impact on hearing loss

Week # 11 communication options of student with hearing loss

Week # 12 Continue/ communication options

Week # 13 Exam 2

Week # 14  Characteristics  and needs of deaf and hard of hearing

Week # 15 Educational placement options

Week # 16  The role of family in educating and rehabilitating of children with hearing loss

Week # 17  final week- catch-up session!




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