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Alzahrani, A (2007).the new trends in the oral deaf
     education. Concepts, principles, and practices, 1th
     Academic conference university of Banha; Egypt,
     Cairo Jyly 2007  
Alzahrani, A (in press). Academic competence of deaf and
      hard of hearing students in special school for the
      deaf and public schools settings in Riyadh city at
      Saudi Arabia. 
Workshop - King Fahd medical City. "Team Work a beginning
    towards a better future in habilitatiing,
    Educating and teaching the hard of hearing
    students", 2007, Riyadh city.
Presentation- 32nd deaf week." The new trends in teaching
    deaf and hard of hearing- methods of teaching and
    technology", Riyadh, 2007.
Presentation- Saudi association of hearing impairment. 
    "Hard of hearing education in Saudi Arabia now and 
     future", Riyadh, 2007  



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