Syllabus: 341 Chem.

Heterocyclic Organic Chemistry

Cr. H. (2+0)


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     Chap. 1: Heterocycles and Aromaticity

· Definition of H.C. compounds, natural sources and importance.

· Criteria for aromaticity; aromatic and non aromatic heterocycles.

· Chemical behavior of aromatic compounds.

Chap. 2: Nomenclature of Heterocyclic compounds

· Different methods of naming heterocyclic compounds: common nomenclature, modified replacement nomenclature and Hantzsch­Widman nomenclature (IUPAC)

· Nomenclature of fused heterocyclic compounds (benzofused heterocycles and two or more fused heterocycles)

Chap. 3: 5-Membered heterocyclic compounds

Synthesis and reactions of pyrrole furan, thiophene, indole, and diazoles (imidazole and pyrazole)

Chap. 4: 6-Membered heterocyclic compounds

Synthesis, reactions and basicity of pyridine, and quinoline

Chap. 5: Heterocyclic compounds versus microbes

Heterocyclic compounds as antibiotics, antitumor’s and dyes

Chap. 6: Biologically important heterocycles

Uraciles (pyrimidines) and purines: structure, synthesis, DNA and RNA nucleotides (structure and nomenclature)

Chap. 7: Carbohydrates

Definition, nomenclature, classification of carbohydrates

· Monosaccharides: absolute configuration, cyclic structures, oxidation, reduction, osazones, ascorbic acids and amino sugars

· Oligo and polysaccharides: structure and cellulose technology

Chap 8 : Amino acids and proteins

Naturally occurring amino acids: properties, synthesis and reactions.

· Synthesis of peptides

· Protein classification

Chap 9: Lipids and fatty acids

· Structure and main characteristics of fatty acids

· Classification of lipids: waxes, oils and fats (triglycerides).

·         Synthesis and properties of triglycerids and glycolipides.



Text books:

  1. المركبات الحلقية غير المتجانسة ، أ.د. حسن الحازمى، ناصر العندس، سهام العيسى، دار الخريجى للنشر و التوزيع، الطبعة الأولى ، 1422 .
  2. تسمية المركبات العضوية ، أ.د. حمد الخثلان , أ.د. حسن الحازمى، دار الخريجى للنشر و التوزيع، 1415  .

3.  Heterocyclic chemistry, J.A. Joule and K. Mills, 4th ed., Blackwell Publishing 2000


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