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PHG 473

Food Analysis


The course deals with the principles involved in the analysis of food products (fresh, processed and canned). It includes the significance of food constituents and their limits according to the international regulations. In addition, the course discusses the possible hazards arising from certain foods, food constituents and additives from the medicinal point of view. Comments on the elements of a balanced diet are also included.

Content: (6 lectures)

Introduction and food legislation:

A summary of the principles involved in issuing food laws, regulations and codes.

General methods of analysis:

With special emphasis on the methods used for the determination of :

Moisture, ash and mineral matter, nitrogen and crude protein, fat content, carbohydrate content (reducing and non-reducing), crude fibres, filth test.

Food requirements:

Discussing the requirements or criteria considered when analyzing different groups of food products giving representative examples as follow:

Fruit and vegetable products.

Herbs and spices, including organoleptic, microscopic and extractive determination.


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