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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Moudy Mohammed Al Dghaither
Last Academic Qualification: PhD Degree in Educational Psychology, Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University.

Address: B.O.BOX:  91548
Riyadh: 11643
Fax: 2751900
Office Telephone:4354646
King Saud University
Psychology Department, College of Education 

Academic Qualification:
- Bachelor Degree in Social Service (Educational Psychology)1407H (1987G), College  of Education, King Saudi University.
- Master Degree in Psychology 1414H (1994G). Dissertation title: "A Comparative Study of Creative Thinking of a sample of female students who did not attend kindergarten)
- PhD in Education Psychology
Sub-Specialty, “Islamic Behavior Origination”, from the Social Sciences College, Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University.
Dissertation title: (Social Skills in an Islamic perspective and their relation with intelligence, academic achievement and age)  2008, with a grade of “Excellent”

- Intern at the Psychology department, College of Education (for several months) 1415H(1995G), King Saud University.
- Lecturer, Psychology department, College of Education, King Saud University 1415H(1995G)
- Asst. Professor
- Advisor for some Web Sites""
- Advisor in Guidance and Orientation, General Presidency of Females Welfare, 1420H (1999G)
- Occasional writing in some newspapers

- TOEFL, 470 points, 1426H(2005G)
- Participation in many courses and workshops
- Many courses in computer 1410H(1990G), 1420H(2000G), 1428H(2007G).
- Several courses in French 1410H (1990G)
- First aid course, 1409H(1989G)
- Courses in the Holly Koran pronunciation 1410H(1990G)
- Course in the editing the conversations of the prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), 1427H(2006G)
- Workshop in study success skills, 1427H(2006G)
- Workshop in emotional intelligence, 1427H(2006G)
- Workshop in positive thinking, 1425H(2004G)

workshops I have held in many places including King Saudi University, Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University and Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs: 

- A Course in female psychologists' preparation and qualification, Ministry of Social Affairs.
- A Course in solving problems.
- A Course entitled How do I change?
- A Course in: Emotional intelligence .
- A Course in: Positive thinking
- A Course in: Psychological tensions faced by the handicapped parents
- A Course in: effective communication
- A Course in: Confirmation concept

Conferences & Symposia:

- Attended several meetings & conferences in the Kingdom


- Member of the Saudi Educational Psychological Society.
- Member of the Saudi Down Syndrome Society.

Subjects I have taught:

- Social Psychology, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology (1), Growth Psychology (2), Successful & Retarded minded people, behavior Islamic interpretation, psychological studies history for Muslims, Learning Theories and field training.

Subjects Currently Teaching:

- Psychological studies history (206 individuals).
The course aims at developing psychological knowledge within  the Moslems' psychology heritage, historical development and related trends.
- Behavior Islamic interpretation, (277 individuals).
The course aims at presenting an Islamic perspective of the psychology science of some psychological subjects as; personality, education, treatment, motivation and the behavior Islamic regionalization theory aspects and students' criticism thought development.

Field training:
The course aims at preparing the female student to be a psychologist in a scientific way to supervise her to study the case and apply psychological standards.

Previous Committee Memberships:
- Participation in University study center committees.
- Participation in committees of the College  as Academic guidance committee, Education College , 1425-1426 H
- Head of the cultural activity, Education college, 1424-14205 H

Participation in the decision making in psychology department committees:

Schedule committee, field training committee, exams committee, admission committee, academic guidance committee, social committee and alternative exams' committee

Participation in female students' activities as: lectures of female students' awareness and female students' cultural activity courses

Research Interests:
The researcher is interested in studies related to intellectual powers as: thinking, intelligence, emotional intelligence and creative thinking; this is in addition to original zed studies of the human behavior and Islamic perspective of psychological behavior.

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