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  Course number and grade: 354 Chem

Course Name: Chemical methods of separation

Modules: (theoretical + practical)(1+1)


Laboratory time :satu 1-3

Topics of course:

A - appropriate for the solvent extraction
B - the efficiency of extraction
T - Determination of iron spectrally using a detector thiossianat
Chromatographic methods

1 - column chromatography
A - the separation of pigments by column chromatography
2 - ion-exchange
A - estimate the total concentration of ions in the solution by ion-exchange column
3 - layer chromatography flat
A - Selection of the appropriate mobile phase to separate
B - the separation of a mixture of dyes by thin-layer chromatography
T - a mixture of phenols separated by thin-layer chromatography
4 - Gas chromatography ((GC
A - identify the types of alcohols in the mixture by gas chromatography
5 - liquid chromatography, high-pressure ((HPLC
A - the separation and estimate a mixture of aspirin and caffeine by liquid chromatography high-pressure


Study Memorandum

Distribution of grade:

Degree required
2 attend
4 report to the experience
4 exam league
15 final exam practice
5 final exam theory
30 Total

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